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Cable Assembly, 2.4mm Straight Male to 2.4mm Straight Male, Gore CXN3507 Cable, 50cm [P/N: CA3507-2.4M-2.4M-50cm-517]

CMPTER P/N: CA3507-2.4M-2.4M-50cm-517
Series: 2.4mm Male to 2.5mm Male
RoHS Certificate: Compliant
Interface Standards: IEEE STD 278-2007
Series Data Sheet: Customer Drawing [PDF]
Technical Data



Frequency range

  0~40 GHz
VSWR   ≤1.25
Temperature range   -55 °C ~ +125 °C
Weight   47g
Durability (matings) 2.4mm Connector >500
2.4mm Connector >500
Material Data
Connector:  2.4mm Straight Male Solder for Gore CXN3507 Cable [P/N: 97-03-2M50-034]
Piece Part Base Material Plating
Center contact Beryllium Copper Alloy Gold plating
Body Stainless Steel (SU303) Passivated
Coupling Nut Stainless Steel (SU303) Passivated
Insulator PEI  
Cable:  Gore CXN3507 Cable 
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