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N-Type Connector
In addition to a wide range of standard N-type connectors, durable, bulkhead,  N type connectors
weatherproof, and medium-size with consistent performance, CMPTER 
provide DC to 11GHz of N-type connectors, These connectors are used in all 
systems where excellent RF and mechanical performance is critical. Like for
cables, receptacles with panel, bulkhead, press-fit and threaded mountings.

Due to N type connectors joins by one whorl, it has the characteristic of
raliable and strong ant-vibration nature, machinery and electric
performance finely. It is used in vibration and environment abominable
radio equipment of terms and instrument and ground launch system join
the coaxial cable of the radion frequency extensively.
  N-type connector eatures & Benefits
   Accommodates a wide range of medium to miniature-sized RG coaxial cables in a rugged medium-sized
  Broad line of Military (M39012), Industrial (UG) and Commercial (RFX) grade products available, giving
      customers choices in weighing cost versus performance benefits
  Meets many customer application demands with plug styles available in straight and right angle and jack
      styles available in panel mount, bulkhead mount, and receptacle.
 N-type Connector online Links
  All N type Connector Products                              N type Connector Catalog Online
Series: N                      Impedance: 50Ω    

RF Cable


Male(Plug)     Straight Cable Male (Plug) 
    Right Angle Cable Male (Plug) 
Female(Jack)     Straight Cable Female (Jack) 
    Straight Cable Female (Jack), 4 Hole Flange Mount 
    Straight Cable Female (Jack), Bulkhead Mount 
RF Panel


Male(Plug)     Straight Male (Plug), Accept Pin, 4 Hole Flange Mount
    Straight Male (Plug), Metal Through the Wall, 4 Hole Flange Mount
    Straight Male (Plug), with Tab, 4 Hole Flange Mount


    Straight Female (Jack), 4 Hole Flange Mount
    Straight Female (Jack), Accept Pin, 4 Hole Flange Mount 
    Straight Female (Jack), Metal Through the Wall,  4 Hole Flange Mount
    Straight Female (Jack), with Tab,   4 Hole Flange Mount 
    Straight Female (Jack), with Slot,  4 Hole Flange Mount 
   Straight Female (Jack), with Solder Cup,  4 Hole Flange Mount 
    Straight Female (Jack), with Solder Cup,  Bulkhead Mount 
    Straight Female (Jack), Threaded in 

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