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  RF Coaxial Connectors
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  2.92mm Connector
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  MCX Connector
  MMCX Connector
  N-Type Connector
  SMA & RPSMA Connector
  SMP Connector
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  TNC & RPTNC Connector
  TNCA Connector
  RF Coaxial Adapters
  RF Cable Assembly
  RF Coaxial Termination
  RF Surge Arrestor
  RF Coaxial Cable
 Cmpter Company
Cmpter is specialized in designs and manufactures RF Connector, Precision Connector, RF Adaptor, Cable Assembly,
Precision adapter, Cable Connectors, Surge Arrestor and Coaxial Cable for applications in the datacom, telecom, 
automotive, instrumentation aerospace and defense markets.
We are well aware that providing a high performance, reliable connection is the primary factor in gaining the confidence
of our customers, If your company have requirement for RF Coaxial connectors, RF Coaxial Cable Assembly, GPS 
Antennas and demand excellent service, Adapters, competitive solutions, comprehensive technical support  and a 
understanding of your requirements, Please make Cmpter your first choice.
In Cmpter, we embrace our role as a trusted resource, partner and facilitator. We Produce rf microwave products
that connect the world and evolves with innovate advance in technology. By investing all of our capabilities, resources,
relationships and products into your toughest challenges, we continue our core values — working for new ideas and
fresh ways of thinking. We’re a trusted resource and partner around the world because we’re invested in you, your
 people, your networks, your success. All of these inspires us to build relationships and infrastructure, connect people
technologies across protocols, oceans and time zones, and share what we learn along the way. We’ll never stop
and connecting and evolving networks for the business of life at home, at work and on the go
 Cmpter RF
Cmpter RF is a professional manufacturer of coaxial connectors for use in radio frequency, microwave, and data
transmission system application. Our primary manufacturing site is located in zhenjiang, China. But the sales and 
marketing are global.
Cmpter RF connectors, cable assemblies and other RF and Microwave solutions are used in:
    Wireless infrastructure solutions, including GSM, CDMA and GPRS base stations
    Internet solutions, including Wireless LAN, Optical Networks and the burgeoning RFID reader market
    Automotive telematics solutions, including GPS, cellular, satellite radio, remote vehicle diagnostics, toll road 
      automation and bluetooth
    Broadband communications, including set-top boxes, satellite dishes, cable modem termination system, and
      transmission equipment
    Military/aerospace equipment for communications, radar, sonar, avionics, countereasures, and weapons  systems
    Instrumentation and microwave devices, such as network analyzers, oscilloscopes, signal generators, attenuators,
      dividers, combiners, mixers, amplifiers, medical testing and patient monitoring equipment.
 Engineering Focus
Applications assistance is where it begins and Cmpter RF is ready to support your every need. We can achieve a 24/7
engineering development environment similar to our operations environment.
From our sales representatives to our customers, all parties have easy and rapid access to our development
engineering personnel. Through the utilization of state-of-the-art design and analysis tools, as well as internet tools
that allow for the transfer of design information in real time, our staff is able to provide the highest level of dedicated 
customer service.
     Pro-Engineer Solid Modelling Design
     Ansoft HFSS RF Analysis
     Ansys Mechanical Analysis
     Full S-Parameter, Intermodulation, Environmental Test Capability
 Quality Control
OPM(Process Manufacturing System) system 

Our company sees the products’ quality as the most important thing in a business. In order to meet High quality, our
quality control managers stick to the following duties: 
      Ensure all the raw materials are qualified, in-process and completed products.
      Stick to the quality standards.
      Influence the process of quality programs.
      Related duties as QC for inspecting and auditing.
      Doing failure testing against physical defects.
      According to customers’ request to help workshop do the testing before the delivery of final products. 
Under such strict management system of quality control, our products were highly recognized by the market. We believe
that the prospect of our products is cheerful and expectable.
 Values and Purpose
Core Values:  Honesty, integrity, and ethics in everything we do.
                          Provide the opportunity to grow/advance.
                          Provide an atmosphere of cooperation, friendliness, and mutual respect.
Core Purpose: To make every experience with our company a positive one.
Continuous Improvement: Empower all associates to challenge our processes and make changes that result in value 
added  improvements. 
Customer Satisfaction: Partner with our customers to make every experience a positive one. 
Partnership With Vendors: Establish a relationship with our vendors that promotes open and honest communication  
which results in a win/win  situation for all.


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